Are you interested in investing in a balanced portfolio of Companies Mining the Moon, Harvesting and Mining Asteroids, and Extracting Resources from Space?

If Yes, please provide us with details of how you would like to Invest in Space Resources. The survey takes about 2 minutes and the feedback is appreciated.

Our Focus: The Space Resources Road Map

Our strategy is to invest in space resources companies that meet certain criteria, including but not limited to emerging space commerce, companies that will form part of the vital infrastructure of space resources operations, and actual companies that have niche technology, software, and services in space resources.

How we Minimise the Risk of Investing in Space Resources

When structuring a Space Resources investment, our current ideal portfolio allocation is:

  • 20% - Space Resources related stocks. Risk: Low-Medium
  • 40% - Private Space resources Companies. Risk: Medium-High
  • 20% - Space Resources Start-ups. Risk: Low-High
  • 20% - Cash / Bonds. Risk: Low

Funding New Space Resources Start-ups

Space entrepreneurs can launch more sophisticated hardware and software at an ever decreasing cost, meaning the barrier to entry for space resources companies is becoming lower and lower.

If you want to invest in new space companies (currently it is not possible for a small investor to invest in SpaceX) have a look at the various space startups (from launch, to small satellites, even Space Tourism) on Space CrowdFund , or get in contact with Space Ventures Investors.

Related and Supporting Companies

Shackleton Energy - Lunar Operations and Asteroid Mining.

The Asteroid Society - Focussed on the global community benefiting from asteroid mining.

Space Resources Luxembourg - Provides a legal, regulatory and business environment for space resources private investors and companies.

Space Ventures Investors - Parent of Space Resources.EU, researches investors and companies for space resources and asteriud mining potential.

Up and Coming Space Resources Companies

LunaSonde - Developing low-cost spacecraft for subsurface Earth, Lunar and Asteroid observation and a comprehensive data framework to analyse data.
Visit the LunaSonde Space Startup Crowdfunding Campaign

ispace - Japanese company based in Luxembourg developing rovers that explore the lunar suface for water deposits, and then mine the water for use as energy.

If you are interested in investing in asteroid mining and space resources, please tell us how you would like Invest in Space Resources.