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Many visionaries have formed companies with the task of finding and unlocking the resources of our solar system. Many have also failed, like Deep Space Industries, Planetary Resources, and Shackleton Energy, because their ambitions were correct, but being early to a field is sometimes too costly on capital and expectations.
At Space Resources we focus on companies and organisations that are in it for the long haul, because only companies with that kind of foresight will survive the start-up valley of death to be in the right space place and time to be a contended to be the first space trillionaires. The following overview covers unique companies that are working towards Space Mining, with more of a leaning towards Lunar Mining, as the Moon is three days (for the Apollo Missions, but it took months for the ispace Mission 1 journey) away and its regolith contains many resources. The key is how to unlock those resources at a profit, at a time when a customer in space, or a customer back on earth, is willing to pay enough to make the operation profitable. Welcome to the world of space mining!
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Lunar Resources Registry

Moon Mining investing

Lunar Resources Registry has developed an Open Lunar Registry and Commercial Resources Registrations, with a strong focus on finding water / oxygen, and platinum group metals, plus titanium and iron, on the surface of the Moon.
Lunar Resources Registry maintains a list of locations on the Moon where Lunar Mining may take place, due to the detection of valuable resources.
Visit their Commercial Register for Lunar Mining and view the evolution of resources sites.
Lunar Resources Registry was part of a European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre 2021-2023.

Lunar Resources Registry

Source: Lunar Resources Registry


ispace shares

ispace is the most high-profile space mining company and has been commercially minded and brave in its intentions: The ispace IPO occurred before it’s first commercial mission to the Moon that crashed 80 metres from its target due to running out of fuel.
Check out the iSpace Share Price. Will their next mission to the Moon work?

ispace Mission

Source: iSpace

Lunar Station

Lunar Station

Lunar Station is a world-class provider of Lunar environmental and orbital intelligence. They provide terrain analysis to verify areas of the Moon suitable for potential Lunar Mining operations and infrastructure. Their mantra is “Unlocking Lunar Insights”, using their MoonHackerTM analytical platform. They can map paths for rovers into and of craters, critical access points and locations for future Lunar Missions, and strategic insights.

Lunar Moon Stock

Source: Lunar Station

Lunar Outpost

Lunar Outpost shares

Lunar Outpost is supporting Nokia's LTE/4G NASA Tipping Point project along with Intuitive Machines, to build, integrate and test a LTE/4G network on the Moon. A primary objective is a Nokia technology demonstration to validate its LTE/4G technology to prove it can support Lunar proximity communications for operations.

Lunar Outpost  Stock

Source: Lunar Outpost

Intuitive Machines

Intuitive Machines shares

Intuitive Machines to date is recipient of the most NASA-awarded commercial lunar programs. They have three missions planned to deliver both NASA and commercial payloads into orbit and on the surface of the Moon. Their fourth lunar mission is contracted with commercial payloads.
Check out the Intuitive Machines Share Price. Can the next U.S. commercial mission to the Moon land on target?

Intuitive Machines Stock

Source: Intuitive Machines


offworld shares

OffWorld is designing to robots to working collectively on mining operations, extracting critical minerals on earth as well as in in space. Their concept is to use swarms of intelligent industrial robots.


Source: OffWorld

European Space Resources Innovation Centre

ESRIC competitions 2024

The European Space Resources Innovation Centre is the world's first centre focussed exclusively to space resources. It launched in 2020 in Luxembourg as an initiative of the Luxembourg Space Agency and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology in strategic partnership with the European Space Agency Each year they hold a Space Resources Week.

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