Lunar Updates - February 2022 - From Lunar Resources Registry

An Observatory on the Far-Side of the Moon

3rd February 2022: We have registered a location for an Observatory on the Far-Side of the Moon called The Ear. Don?t Look Up - Look OUT!
The Ear is a Partnership Science Registration for a proposed research location, created by Lunar Resources Registry and Lunar Station Corporation.
Visit our Public Registry entry for The Ear.
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Proposed Location

Where Will SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket Land?

3rd February 2022: On March 4th 2022, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket's spent upper stage will crash into the far-side of the Moon. This debris came from February 2015, after the launch of the Deep Space Climate Observatory into space.
We are busy preparing a Public Registy entry for SpaceX's Falcon 9 Spent Upper Stage.

Proposed Location thanks to Bill Gray

Lunar Resources Registry UG

About the Lunar Resources Registry

Lunar Resources Registry and Moon Mining
The Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) enables commercial and non-commercial organisations to acquire rights to explore and extract resources. The LRR has been accepted into a European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre in 2021 (pending final contract signing).
If you have an academic or commercial interest in the Lunar Resources Registry and would like to add a location of interest, please get in contact.

Explore the Moon - 3D Online Map

European Light Lunar Lander

European Light Lunar Lander (ELLLa) is a joint venture between Lunar Resources Registry, Berlin Space Consortium and Space Ventures Investors.
ELLLa is a CisLunar system of transport and communication for mass-produced Light Lunar Landers.
The capabilities include transport to and back from the Moon, and the landing of Payloads at multiple locations.

The Supply Chain for Lunar Surface Resources Extraction

Asset Status: The specific research is our Intellecutal Property.

A Space Resources and In-Situ Resource Utilization Supply-Chain are the long term goals...

1. The Moon’s Commodities: Agencies Lead the Way, Companies Follow-up.
Ongoing research is required to determine how to exactly to extract Oxygen, and potentially Water (from the Lunar South Poles). We are keeping abreast of the developments (e.g. NASA and ESA missions), and focussing on commercial methods of exploration, extraction and processing, coupled with the means for providing transport and energy (solar vs. nuclear). Our focus is on identifying the Supply-Chain of technology and emerging companies that can make this possible.

2. Establishing Commercial Claims on the Lunar Surface.
Predicating any investment in a Lunar Mining Operation, including on-the ground exploration using custom Rovers, or even extraction of Lunar regolith and then subsequent processing, is the establishment of commercial rights. A commercial right to explore, extract and process is required from a legal and investment case point of view. One of our key priorities is to develop a proprietary road map for establishing such commercial rights.

Lunar CisLunar Supply Chain

Moon Resources and Lunar Surface Focussed Companies

Asset Status: The specific research is our Intellecutal Property.

What Companies are Focussed on Exploring and Commercialising the Moon?
Various companies (some listed below) are involved in developing the technology and processes to partake in Lunar surface operations.
There are also numerous other companies, some listed, that are creating the technology (e.g. CubeSats, launch, communications) required for operation around and on the Moon.
For more information on listed space and aerospace companies, visit Space Stocks.

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