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We've Made Investing in Space Our Speciality

Since 2009 Space Ventures Investors has been researching how small and large investors can invest in the next space race. As the space business has grown, so have the options for investing in space.

If you’re interested in investing in Space Resources, we are developing various kinds of investment that covers the full spectrum of space resources related companies. Click here To Express Your Interest in Investing in Space Resources.

Research is Key

Space Ventures Investors researches portfolios that avoid being over-weight in one company or vertical, e.g. type of space technology. This balanced approach, including even investing in space-related stocks, means that our space investments are robust to survive surprises, and are built with a long-term focus:
Together we invest in a new and evolving industry, and understand that for some space resources companies, it make take at least 10 years to see real results.
Other companies, like space start-ups, may have marketable and valuable space commerce applications within years.

Contact Simon Drake

This website is maintained by Simon Drake, CEO of Space Ventures Investors (see profile below), Lunar Resources Register, and Space Commodities Exchange.

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Investing in Space
Space Ventures Investors is focussed on bridging space investors with space investments.

If you are interested in investing in space, then get in contact with us.
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