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In every generation there is a chance,
in every cycle of history there is a beginning.

Did you know that now you can even invest in a Mars Colony, including the space proofed infrastruture and interplanetary transport to make it possible? If you prefer something more akin to the infrastructure of space resources, there is always a place for Asteroid Mining CrowdFunding and related hi-tech mix of robotics and the digital age.

The growing Crowdfund for Space Startups scene and consolidation of strategic space investment knowledge is opening up Space 2.0, NewSpace, and Space Commerce.

Investing in the space resources industry is akin to in the 15th Century funding an exploration from the Old World into the New World.
Continuing to this very day, most of our modern history had its origins in one of the most revolutionary trading periods.
The next trade revolution will not be cross-continental, it will be be between planets and asteroids.

Invest in Asteroid Mining

Space Resources – Be Part of a Trillion Dollar Market

New Frontiers. New Technology. A New Market.

Now it is possible for private investors in space resources via a crowdfund; FinTech and CrowdFunding have merged to help shape Space 2.0.

Space Resources is broadly defined as using the resources from space, including:

  • Asteroid mining, also known as asteroid harvesting. Read about how the Next Gold Rush will be Asteroids.
  • Mining the Moon, also known as Lunar Mining or Lunar Resources).
  • Generating Energy from space, e.g. via massive orbital solar arrays, or extracting Helium 3 from the Lunar surface to be used in a new generation of reactors on earth.
  • Locating and Extracting Space Resources will become a viable industry sooner rather than later because the demand for precious metals, energy and space related commerce and research is increasing, the cost to participate is decreasing, and finding the right resources on earth becomes a side-issue when the same resources can be sourced from space.

How Can We Value Space Resources?

There’s two main markets for resources from space.

  1. On Earth. Some materials are getting harder to obtain and are expensive, in terms of exploration, location and extraction, but also for environmental reasons. An easy example is that gold comes from space, and other precious metals too.
  2. In Space. Water, energy and materials are already available in space, and can be used to further the spread of humanity into space without having to extract, refine and launch them from earth.
Space Commerce Investing

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Space Ventures Investors is only focussed on bridging space investors with space investments.

We value you data and your feedback.

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Choose how you want to invest in space...

Space Stocks Portfolio

Invest in Space Shares

Low Risk, Exit after 1 Year

Invest in a portfolio of global aerospace and space stocks that are active in developing space related technology and business models.

Space Commerce Portfolio

Space Commerce Portfolio

Medium Risk, Exit in 3 Years

Invest in a portfolio of international space companies that are focussing on space commerce verticals like space tourism and space resources.

New Euro Space Companies

European Space Startups Financing

Medium-High Risk, Exit in 5 Years

Invest in a portfolio of the European backed space companies that are developing niche high-tech applications, production lines and services.

Fund New Space Start-ups

Space entrepreneurs can launch more sophisticated hardware and software at an ever decreasing cost, meaning the barrier to entry for space resources companies is becoming lower and lower.

If you want to invest in new space companies (currently it is not possible for a small investor to invest in SpaceX) have a look at the various space startups (from launch, to small satellites, even Space Tourism) on Space CrowdFund .

Space Resources Companies

What Companies are Focussed on Space Resources? Various companies (see below) are involved in developing the technology and processes to partake in space resources operations.
There are also numerous other companies, some listed, that are creating the technology (e.g. CubeSats, launch, communications)required for extracting space resource.
For more information on listed space and aerospace companies, visit Space Stocks.

Planetary Resources - Space Resources, Asteroid Mining, Earth Observation.

Deep Space Industries - Space Infrastructure, Space Resources, Asteroid Mining

Moon Express - Lunar Transportation, Moon Resources, and Google Lunar X Prize Team.

Astrobotic - Lunar Transportation and Google Lunar X Prize Team.

The Business Case for Space Resources

In general, the cost benefit of operating space resources related business is becoming more and more obvious as the cost of entry into space decreases:

  • Due to lower launch costs; partly thanks to SpaceX’s ambitious introduction of re-usable rockets and numerous other lower-cost sub-orbital and orbital launch providers.
  • The miniaturization of technology; think of the power of a Smartphone compared to a desktop computer from two decades ago,
  • Advanced software and their applications in space,
  • New propulsion technology; from light sails to micro-thrusters for Cubesats, and
  • the evolution of technology like zero-G 3D printing machines, make what you can from space resources.

In essence, space entrepreneurs can launch more sophisticated hardware and software at an ever decreasing cost, meaning the barrier to entry for space resources companies is becoming lower and lower.

The Historical Context of Space Commerce

By stepping back in history, back from the recent dot-com boom, way back through the cold war and two world wars of last century, and all the way back to the 15th Century, you will find European empires competing to explore the New World. What happened then shaped the geo-politics of times. But what was driving the Old World Empires all around the world was scientific discovery, exploration of new territories, and new trade opportunities. These three pillars of commerce are the same for space resources.

Space resources investors will be the enables for the next phase of discovery, exploration, and new opportunities – a trillion dollar market.

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how to invest in spacex

Invest in Space Resources with Space Ventures Investors.

We've Made Investing in Space Our Speciality

Since 2009 Space Ventures Investors has been researching how small and large investors can invest in the next space race. As the space business has grown, so have the options for investing in space.

If you’re interested in investing in space resources, we offer one investment that covers the full spectrum of space resources related companies.

How we Minimise the Risk of Investing in Space Resources

Space Ventures Investors structures portfolios that invest in space and avoid being over-weight in one company or vertical, e.g. type of space technology. This balanced approach, including investing in space-related stocks, and allocated part of a portfolio to cash and even bonds, means that our space investments are robust to survive surprise, and are built with a long-term focus: Together we invest in a new and evolving industry, and understand that it for some space resources companies, it make take at least 10 years to see real results. Other companies, like space start-ups, may have marketable and valuable space commerce applications within years. Example portfolio allocation:

  • 20% - Space Resources related stocks. Risk: Low-Medium
  • 40% - Private Space resources Companies. Risk: Medium-High
  • 20% - Space Resources Start-ups. Risk: Low-High
  • 20% - Cash / Bonds. Risk: Low

Find out more about Investing In Space Resources and Asteroid Mining

Space Ventures Investors is only focussed on bridging space investors with space investments.

We value you data and your feedback.

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Space Ventures Investors is focussed on bridging space investors with space investments.

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