About Space Resources

Space Resources is a planned portfolio of commercial ventures that are:

  1. Developing space resources and asteroid mining hardware and technology
  2. Collating data on space resources targets, like water and precious metals on the Moon, composition of Near Earth Asteroids.
  3. Fit into the Supply Chain for Space Resources and Asteroid Mining

Space Resources is part of Space Ventures Investors.

For Investors

The project timeline for an asteroid mining mission is at least 10 years, but the right time for investing in space resources is now.
There are numerous space resources companies that are developing the technology and skills required for what can easily be described as the most complex resource operations in history with the highest possible payoff. Most visitors to this website already understand the ramifications of viewing the Moon as an 8th continent to exploit, and asteroids as objects to mine or harvest. Aside from the complexity in the technology and processes required there is a straight forward process to getting started.

Space Resources is dedicated to researching and laying out a Road Map for Space Resources.

That includes investing in space resources companies that meet certain criteria, and understanding the emerging space commerce companies that will form part of the vital infrastructure of space resources operations.

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Space Resrouces Due Diligence
Space Resources and Asteroid Mining Companies Due Diligence and Research

Space Resources Process

On-Earth Infrastructure

  • Project Funding; Syndicates of private investors, corporations, governments.
  • Multi-generational Project Management.
  • Corporate structure that out-lives and survives macro-economic events, e.g. depressions, currency wars.
  • Aligning with governments that pro-actively create legislation that is pro-space resources.
  • Finding companies that develop specialised robotics, automation, and analytics that will be used in space resources operations.

In-Space Infrastructure

  • Low-cost launch providers for Deep Space / Near Earth Orbit Missions.
  • Space stations that are transport hubs, storages centres, scientific & commercial facilities (e.g. mineral refining) or a destination, (e.g. a space hotel).
  • Solar installations in space that generate and store energy.
  • Water storage installations that are commercial “pit stops” for transport vessels.
  • Deployable resources extractions operations targeting the Moon, other Planets and Asteroid Mining.

Space Resources Companies
Space Resources and Asteroid Mining Investing Process

Asteroid Mining Process

Asteroid Surveying

  • Ongoing, sturdy of Asteroid types, orbits and proximity.
  • A new field of intersecting sciences and computational / big data algorithms.

Asteroid Target Selection

  • What is high value in relation to earth resources? e.g. Platinum group metals.
  • What is high value in relation to resources required in space in line with 3rd party activities in space? e.g. Water.
  • Find multiple high value Asteroids within easy reach

Mission Preparation

  • What technology is available…
  • Budget vs. reality: What is affordable…
  • Joint Venture: Which traditional industries will step up to Space 2.0?

Mission Operation

  • Launch
  • Navigation
  • Extractions: Robotic, autonomous
  • Transportation to Customer

Invest in Asteroid Mining

Asteroid Mining Investing Case Study: Asterank.com

Asterank is database of 600,000+ asteroids that includes data on mass and composition from multiple scientific sources. With this information, one can model the costs and rewards of mining asteroids.
Asterank was acquired by Planetary Resources in May 2013.

Value of Asteroids

Space Resources – Be Part of a Trillion Dollar Market

New Frontiers. New Technology. A New Market.

Space Resources is growing in popularity in the mass media and niche space investing community.
Now it is possible for private investors in space resources via a crowdfund; FinTech and CrowdFunding have merged to help shape Space 2.0.
Asteroid mining, also known as asteroid harvesting, is promoted that the Next Gold Rush will be Asteroids.
Mining the Moon, also known as Lunar Mining or Lunar Resources, is a growing theme because the European Space Agency and China are planning new activites, and there are even concepts of extracting Helium 3 from the Lunar surface to be used in a new generation of reactors on earth.
Locating and extracting Space Resources will become a viable industry sooner rather than later because the demand for precious metals, energy and space related commerce and research is increasing, the the cost to participate is decreasing, and finding the right resources on earth becomes a side-issue when the same resources can be sourced from space.

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The Business Case for Space Resources

In general, the cost benefit of operating space resources related business is becoming more and more obvious as the cost of entry into space decreases:

  • Due to lower launch costs; partly thanks to SpaceX’s ambitious introduction of re-usable rockets and numerous other lower-cost sub-orbital and orbital launch providers.
  • The miniaturization of technology; think of the power of a Smartphone compared to a desktop computer from two decades ago,
  • Advanced software and their applications in space,
  • New propulsion technology; from light sails to micro-thrusters for Cubesats, and
  • the evolution of technology like zero-G 3D printing machines, make what you can from space resources.

In essence, space entrepreneurs can launch more sophisticated hardware and software at an ever decreasing cost, meaning the barrier to entry for space resources companies is becoming lower and lower.

How Can We Value Space Resources?

There’s two main markets for resources from space.

  1. On Earth. Some materials are getting harder to obtain and are expensive, in terms of exploration, location and extraction, but also for environmental reasons. An easy example is that gold comes from space, and other precious metals too.
  2. In Space. Water, energy and materials are already available in space, and can be used to further the spread of humanity into space without having to extract, refine and launch them from earth.

The Historical Context of Space Resources

By stepping back in history, way back from the recent digital revolution, then back further through the cold war and two world wars of last century, and all the way back to the 15th Century, you will find European Empires competing to explore the New World. What happened then shaped the geo-politics of our times. Attracting the Old World Empires to uncover the unknown world was the need for the exploration of new territories to create new trade opportunities.
A crowded Earth will look to Off-World Territories to create new trade opportunities. Upcoming space commerce businesses are based on:
A. Investing in asteroid mining, funding missions to extract space resources, forming syndicates to invest in space companies exploring for valuable commodities.
B. Building and operating missions to extract energy and precious metals from asteroids and the moon.
C. Returning or transporting energy and precious metals to the earth or customers in the solar system.
Space resources investors will be the enabler for the next phase of discovery, exploration, and new opportunities – a trillion dollar market.

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